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Relay for life

Beatrice-The relay for life is a great fundraising event, that is held every year. It is made up of cancer survivors, cancer patients and anyone that wants to help fight cancer. We have people that simply just want to donate money for the event and then we have teams made up of 10-12 people. These teams typically have a team name and theme for the relay.

This years theme for the event itself is celebrate, remember, fight back. This years goal is 58,000 dollars. The relay begins at 7pm Friday night and ends at 7 am. We like for someone from each team to always be on the track that we walk, because cancer never sleeps. Each team has luminaries that they sell as well, these luminaries can be decorated for a loved one they have lost or who is currently surviving cancer. It is an awesome experience to see all of the lit lumanaries around the track when the sun goes down.

There is also a ceremony where all our loved ones names are read. The event is much more than taking a walk around a track, it is a time to get together and fight this horrible thing that has taken so many lives, but to celebrate those that have fought it as well. There are all sorts of special activities that are held as well. Face painting, cheerleading performances, bands that perform and much more.. Many people even bring there campers and decorate their campsites. The event is held at the Beatrice Fairgrounds. Putting on the event is no easy task either, it takes a lot of people to organize and prepare for the big day.. It is simply a beautiful thing when everyone gets together to fight for one thing CANCER!

Fairbury trap shooting

Doniphan Ne will host the National Highschool trapshoot this week for Jr high and high school trap shooters from all over the country, “It’s the largest trapshoot in the nation, any jr high or highschool kid nationwide can come to it. It’s mainly Nebraska kids but there will be some shooters from Colorado, Missouri and you never know who might show up,” stated trapshooting coach Mike Holes.

This is the 42nd annual event and Holes is taking 21 shooters divided into 5 person teams. “We are lucky in Fairbury in that it is part of their highschool program and they can actually letter in it. Dick Hinmann started it years ago back in the mid 90's with just his son, and has worked up to as high as 40 shooters. This year our numbers are off a little bit. We are in the Eastern Cornhusker Trapshooting conference and there’s roughly 1,100 kids in that conference.” At the event, the shooters will be shooting 100 targets each.

April 28, 29, 30, 2011 are the dates for the 42nd Annual Cornhusker High School and Junior High School Trapshoot at the home grounds of the Nebraska Trapshooting Association at Doniphan, NE.

High school events (grades 9-12) will be held on Friday and Saturday, with junior high events (grades 6-8) held on Thursday.

High school competition will feature 100, 16-yard targets on Friday and 100 handicap targets on Saturday. Handicap yardage will be determined by dividing the 16-yard score by 4 and rounding up any fractions. Minimumyardage will be the 18-yard line.

The junior high program consists of 100,16-yard targets shot on Thursday, starting promptly at 9 a.m..

Two practice traps will be available this year.Friday and Saturday programs begin at 8 a.m.

5 Star Bible Camp

The 15th Annual 5 Star Bible Camp will be held July 18-24 at Camp Jefferson near Fairbury. This year’s camp theme will be Shake It Up Café…Where Kids Carry Out God’s Recipe.

Camp is offered in two sections with a BIG change this year. Students who have completed fourth through sixth grades will be participating from Monday, July 18th, at 1:00 p.m. until Wednesday evening July 20th, after the program. Preschool through third grade day campers will join camp Monday, July 18th at 1:00 p.m. Parents may pick up their day campers at 6:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, July 21st at 6:00 p.m. the campers will present a program to their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. Day camp is open to children ages 4 through those who have completed third grade.

Jr. Sr. High campers will join us Thursday, July 21st at 9:00 a.m. and will be dismissed on Sunday, July 24th at 11:00 a.m.

5 Star Bible camp this year will again feature Keith Kastor, a youth leader who brings enthusiasm and joy into education about faith and sharing Christ’s love.

5 Star Bible Camp is coordinated by a committee from participating churches. This year, participating churches include: Zion United Church of Christ at Gladstone, St. Paul United Church of Christ at Gladstone, Alexandria Presbyterian Church, Fairbury Presbyterian Church, Steele City Presbyterian Church, and the Fairbury Christian Church. Co-chairpersons this year are Debbie Hellbusch and Patti Seitz.

5 Star Bible Camp is open to all interested youth at no charge. In order to be guaranteed a t-shirt, registrations are due by May 31. Registration forms will be available at the Praise and Pancakes fundraiser on Sunday, April 3.

For registration forms or more information, call Debbie @ 587-0789, Patti @ 587-0549, Fairbury Presbyterian Church @ 729-6129 or Zion UCC @ 729-3563.

Five Star Bible Camp will be held July 18th - 24th at Camp Jefferson. Day Camp is for children 5 years old (by July 15th, 2011) - 3rd Grade.

Dates July 18 - July 20 from 1:00 - 6:00 pm Elementary Camp is for children who have completed 4th- 6th grades. This is an overnight camp July 18 - 20. Youth Camp is for youth who have completed 7th - 12th grades. Registration at 9:00 am July 21st with closing July 24th at 11:00 am.


Garage Sale - Saturday, April 30 from 7:30 am - 1:00 pm. Meal planned for May 21 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm at Fairbury Presbyterian Church

Boys and Girls, one mom's story

by Becky Brandenburg

When it came time for me to begin my parenting journey, I thought I had an edge on a lot of new parents. I had been an Early Childhood Education Director for nearly five years when my first child came along (I have a girl who is thirteen and a boy who will be nine in July), and everyone told me what a great parent I'd be-heck, I had a degree in raising children and great advice for parents of both boys and girls, and it worked! I was so deluded-I frequently wonder if I ever knew anything about the differences between boys and girls!

When it comes to it, the two genders couldn't be more different. The basics are the same, but the semantics that are so exponentially different that it will make your head spin. My two are the spitting image of each other-you can't tell their baby pictures apart unless you look at their clothes or know that one was exactly one pound larger and a little over an inch larger than the other. Then they grew and turned into polar opposites of each other.

MY daughter is wound tight as a spring and my son is a laid back, devil-may-care kid. For example, when my daughter began potty training, it took about a week of soggy skives for her and she woke up one morning, at the age of approximately fifteen months, and said "I wear panties!". And she did. No accidents. EVER. My son showed extreme interest at about the same age. By three and a half I thought he was going to go to kindergarten in diapers. Fortunately, it caught on before that landmark passed. Sometimes I think he was intentional in his actions. As wildly emotional as girls are, boys are equally obstinate. More so.

As they've aged, I've come to realize that their emotions couldn't be more different than ice and fire. My daughter is every bit the emotional ping pong ball you'd expect a girl to be-and loud about it. I hear the exasperated sigh at least a half dozen times each day. My lil guy is tough as nails-he has tackled her at the knees and taken her to the ground for teasing him. He will scowl in disgust at her verbal taunts, and shoot her in the head with his nerf guns to get his point across, all in stealth like silence. But, just like extreme hot and cold, they have similar burning properties. Those two kids surprise me-just when i think they couldn't be more different due to their genders, my son will ask if i want to cuddle so that I'm happier. He has the softest heart I've ever seen, and can be so generous and loving. My daughter...she is so much stronger than i give her credit for-facing a number of odd health problems the courage of an army, and telling me off when she thinks I'm not giving her credit for being able to handle life as it comes along.

I could tell you a million stories about how different and how similar they are, but when it boils down, what i know is this: every time I look at them, I can point out the things that I am so proud of because of how they've been raised. Things that have nothing to do with their gender, but their inert sense of self. Their manners, their kind hearts, their willingness to stand up for themselves and others, and even at their young ages, their moral strength. Those commonalities are what I think are important, no matter how different they are when you take a quick glance at their outer shell.

One Night Stand, "Resist"

Beatrice-One Night Stand has released their new song called “Resist” and I asked band member Brian Barnhouse to talk about the song and the recording process. Brian shared the details in the following article. I have a follow up article that I actually wrote a while back about drummer Brandon Lilibridge. (scroll down after page loads)

Who was involved in the recording process?

Cory Colgrove (guitar, backing vocals), Brian Barnhouse (bass, lead vocals), Brandon Lillibridge (drums, backing vocals), were the musicians who recorded "Resist", I basically engineered it, and did the rough mixes, with all band members giving their input for the final mix. Doug Van Sloan (focus Mastering), mastered the song.

What is the song about?

I'll let the listener relate to the song in the their own way...Within the band, there's a "difference of opinion" about what the song means. I'm NOT sure what Brandon thinks the song is about, but I know FOR SURE, that Cory & I have vastly different opinions about the song.

Cory handed me a lyric that he wrote in 2009, called "Running To Me"...Which is what the lyrics to "RESIST" are based around...However, I chopped up and added to the lyric, because the lyric needed to fit inside the 'vocal melody' that I was singing...And, the original story line I thought was too "dark & heavy" and needed a little lightening up....So, if you ask Cory, he'd probably say it's a "sad song"...but, if you read the "recorded" lyric, there's a positive spin to it, which was written that way on purpose to help "balance" the song out. Cory's original lyric is based on TWO characters, both of whom, are in a VERY DARK place...Where now, I think, this version is still a little dark, but has both characters affecting the other in a postive manner.

This was really a test in "compromise" by both Cory & I....He's complained to me that I didn't use enough of his lyrics, and I would have liked to have re-written MOST of the lyrics...Hopefully we found a balance between our two styles. I still have the original lyrics that he gave me for the song, it's kinda interesting to see how it all took shape, after the fact.

When did you record it?

It was recorded & mixed throughout February & March of 2011. That's what is nice about recording from a home studio, is there wasn't any "clock-ticking" like at a real recording studio...We had the luxury of working on it when "in the mood" and when our schedules allowed.

How did you record it?

The THREE key items of the studio are: A custom-made computer from Computers Plus...(main ingredients: Quad-Four processor, and lots of memory )...The super fast processor was really the key, as there was never any latency issues. Cubase 5 was the recording software used, and a Tascam US1800 was the Audio Interface.

Why did you record it?

Not only was "Resist" the first original song worked up by One Nite Stand, but I think it also represents the "creative blending" that is between Cory & myself...There's TWO very strong personalities at play, and I think if someone would "dig into" the back story of "Resist" they would see this weird, dysfunctional (at times), "Blending" of these two personalities. The dynamic of the One Nite Stand members is really interesting: Cory drives me nuts...I drive Cory nuts...Brandon drives both me & Cory nuts...and Poor Brandon, having to put up with Cory & I. There's definitely some strong dysfunction happening, but make no mistake about it, we're all brothers at the same time.

What is your goals for the band and recording?

The goal for the band is to keep writing the best songs that we can, and keep releasing more & more music. As far as recording...I asked Doug Van Sloan for advice, cuz he HEARS & WORKS ON some GREAT RECORDINGS (he masters almost all of the Saddle Creek Records bands)...He was nice enough to give me some BIG tips on recording, and bringing out certain aspects of the mix...So, yeah, there's a HUGE, ongoing, learning curve, but I think "sonically" speaking, the songs of One Nite Stand will only get better SOUNDING, as I increase my knowledge about recording.

Any fun stories about the recording process?

Not really...this song was very "workman like" from the blending of writing styles, through the entire recording process. I think all of us members wanted the best song possible, and we were all pretty focused on the end goal. I think "RESIST" is a good first step, and I'm truly anxious to see what we write next.

Inside the mind of a meth manufacturer

A short while back I made a request on facebook for someone who had a meth lab to contact me for a story I wanted to do. I got a reply from someone who had a lab, was caught and served time for the offense. This person was gracious enough to share the story so we can all learn from someone who was there, what it was like to manufacture meth and pay the price. I want to personally thank this person for their contribution. Here is the story.

Q . What led you to decide that a meth lab was a good idea?

A. Well I started using meth in 1997. I worked road construction and was gone all week long and only had two days on the weekend to get everything done that needed done before I went off to work again for the week. Meth gave me energy I needed to stay awake long hours to get things done I needed. When I started an 8 ball or 1/8 of an ounce was $100. when I decided to start making it myself it was $300. I could no longer afford my tolerance level at that time so making it was the only option for me, I was too far gone at that time to consider quitting as an option.

Q . Was it someone else’s idea or yours?

A . It was all my idea. I needed to save money and making it gave me more quantity for my buck.

Q. Did you start from scratch or did you join someone who had one going?

A. I learned from the people I was associated with in supplying my habit.

Q.How did you keep it secret or hide the fact you had a lab?

A. Just don't talk about it, Keep to yourself shut in mostly. Meth labs are disposable I would burn everything immediately after the processes were completed. When I think about that now, I cannot hardly believe that I was that far gone.

Q. What is involved in a meth lab without giving out the recipe?

A. Countless hours of preparation. A steady hand. A keen eye for detail. A comprehensive knowledge of chemistry and understanding positive and negative ions and reactions to volatile chemicals helps. A quiet place preferable miles away from any livestock, farm ground or acreage. Also need to make sure there's a lot of time available can't do it if it's hurried, it will fail.

Q.How hard is it to get the materials you need?

A. When I was doing it, the materials were more readily available. I understand now-a-days the materials need signed for over the counter. Which I agree with very much.

Q. Tell me how you got anhydrous?

A. Well, in the middle of the night find an anhydrous tank in a field somewhere remote and walk up to it and fill a plastic jug. There's a little more involved I don't want this to turn into to training seminar.

Q. How did you sell the finished product?

A. I tried to not sell the finished product, it defeated the purpose for saving money. Then it became evident that the people who were selling it for profit were cutting it with things like fruit fresh and vitamin B12 and potentially harmful ingredients to stretch it out for higher profits. I strongly disagreed with that because no matter how far gone I was I never lost my faith in humanity. I knew that though I was doing wrong that cutting the product and potentially and intentionally hurting people was even worse yet so I took it upon myself and notified a few of my closest oldest friends and said don't be doing that if your going to do it do this it's pure and doesn't have any additives that aren't used in the actual manufacturing process.

Sounds unbelievable to me now clearly knowing that all the ingredients in meth are deadly in their raw form. Any one product can kill you in an instant in the quantity used in the manufacturing process. I'm very lucky to be able to tell my story. Also, I want to add that there's no justification for manufacturing Methamphetamine. No mater how noble the justification sounds the act is heinous and is a cancer that is eating away at the heart of our communities and lifestyles that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Q. How large was your customer base?

A. I have no way of knowing really, I just know that towards the end of my run I was meeting new people everyday and life was crazy, it was completely out of control.

Q. How prevalent is meth in the community you were in?

A. Meth is prevalent everywhere. It's in every walk of life in every circle. No one is immune to the effects of methamphetamine. No matter who you are or where you come from Meth is not far away.

Q. How did you get caught?

A. I had a bad batch and one of my oldest friends was feeling terribly and I wouldn't give them any because it was wrong and they were gonna bang it and I didn't want the responsibility for bringing harm to this person and they turned me in to the law out of spite.

Q. What was the consequences of getting caught?

A. I was looking at a sentence of 75 years. I was honest and cooperated with the law in every aspect that concerned me and nobody else. I took responsibility for my actions and also took a plea bargain for Attempted Manufacture of methamphetamine. I didn't let any potentially incriminating evidence or statements that would of affected any other individual out during my incarceration as I am a firm believer that anything anyone else does is their own responsibility. I received a sentence of 20 to 28 months and was awarded timed served and did 10 months behind the wall at Nebraska State Penitentiary.

Q. How has it effected your life?

A. My life has drastically changed. I have been clean and free of meth since Jan. 11, 2004. I have never felt better and I have also learned that the easy way in life is to work, pay bills and stay within the means provided by my work ethics and education. I believe that my choice though a bad one has greatly contributed to who I am today and I like who I am today.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting up a meth lab?

A. Don't do it, that path only leads to a prison sentence. Prison is a waste of a human being. I live with guilt and resentment for my choice of doing drugs. I buried friends that overdosed. I watched people that I have known all my life deteriorate and become dependent on others because they destroyed too much of their brain and cannot function for themselves. When we were playing together as children not one of us said "I want to be a drug dealer when I grow up" Just remember your first dream as a child of what you wanted to be and do that. If you can be a drug dealer, if you can be a drug user, you can be anything you desire. I think about how much energy it took to manufacture Methamphetamine and think what I can do if I put that energy into something that would help society rather than break it down and destroy centuries of progress and growth.

Q. Tell me anything that you have to share

A. With meth use comes paranoia. The constant mental awareness that someone is out to get you. I spent countless hours in my home with the lights off staring out through the little holes in the blinds that the strings go through to the outside and watching everyone and everything. Being careful to not make a sound and give away my position. When I would run out of meth I would instantly go look for more. I would crawl around on my floor and look for some I may have dropped for hours on end. I was always confronted by people who would try to convince me I owed them something or other and I was always aware that things were missing from my house on a regular basis. I had several instances where someone would come over and say would you trade some meth for this and I would say lol I have one just like that right over....hey! that's mine with? How'd you get that? I never had a nosey neighbor instance that I am aware of I never but the one time ever had anything to do with a meth lab at my personal residence. That one time was the time I got busted because I ran out of time and didn't have anything else to do with it.

I remember one time at work I was by myself and I was doing some meth in my car during a clean-up process and a trooper pulled up beside me and said hey is it okay if I let my dog out to relieve himself? I said sure, (with else was I gonna say) turns out the wind was in the right direction and the dog really had to go and ran up wind and did his thing and came right back to the officer and jumped in the car and they left. I still remember how I felt, that was closest I ever came to being caught.

When my house was raided I wasn't home and I came and turned myself in a couple days later after I cleared my head and realized it's time to pay the piper.

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